Budapest by George Ezra

Please click on the link below to go straight to the page on my ‘general resoures’ tab.


I have arranged this song in the key of G to make it suitable for lower grades and across guitar and ukulele.

If you search for Justin from’s version he teaches this song in the same key on Youtube.

New uploads for September 2015

Under the general resources TAB you can find a riffs sheet to suit beginners, Stay With Me and Watermelon Man songsheets for intermediate levels, and a rhythm patterns or bass rhythm patterns sheet to suit students up to around grade six level.

Bass students, particulary those studying for GCSE music may like to check out two new bass videos from Rockschool grade 5: Geek and Do Balanco. If you skip to 2:35 of the Do Balanco video I demonstrate slap bass method in a condensed tutorial.

Under the guitar resources TAB are two new sheets to accompany lessons on chords: Chord types 1 (for G1-3) and Chord types 2 (for G3-5). These sheets give an overview of chord types along with key questions relating to chord construction and theory.



New acoustic resources made with noteflight software

Please check the guitar resources menu for my new accompaniment examples suitable for RGT grade one and grade two exam practice. Or click here.

Follow the links to my bandcamp site where .wav audio files of the melodies are hosted.

I made these test examples using noteflight software. This is an online, free resource for composing using notation. The free version is easy to use and they store your files on a cloud. Impressive.



September 2014 uploads

I have added a couple of bass tutorial videos from Grade 2 click here to view

although I am struggling to fit both hands in shot so I need to have a rethink before doing more of these.

New starters at school this term will kick of with chords, 12 bar blues and Twist and Shout riffs, so check out the respective menu for your worksheet once you have had your lesson 🙂

Click here for my new 12 bar blues backing track









My first Youtube demo

Click here to access my Youtube channel

Under the new guitar videos tab you can find my first attempts at Rockschool demonstration videos.

Quite a few students should be doing grade 5 guitar next year, and GCSE students may wish to learn these pieces for solo performance.

I have settled on a format of a run through followed by some tips afterwards. Sorry I have not worked out yet how to trim the messy starts/beard-cam moments!


Latest uploads

Under the ‘general resources’ tab is an introduction to reading notation for guitar and bass with some additional exercises under the respective instrument headings.

Notation reading is an under used skill for electric guitarists and bassists, but can prove invaluable for theatre or other professional gigs where you may not have time to pick up the parts by ear beforehand.

Since any knowledge of notation strengthens your internal sense of pitch and musical communication skills there is no excuse for not learning at least the notes on the stave. Knowledge of pitch names can also earn you valuable points in the theory questions section of Rockschool exams.


Welcome to my fledgling website 🙂

Recent uploads include a guide to the rhythmic recall test, some of my scale shapes for guitar and sheets on popular three and four chord patterns used in Western popular music.

Where indicated grade references give a rough guide to difficulty level or the appropriateness of a resource on a scale of 1-8. I am not affiliated with any exam board so references are merely for convenience.